Texas Legal Nurse Consultants


Joy Barnett, RN, LNC
5420 Holcomb Drive
Paris, TX 75462
Office Phone: 903.785.4194
Email: jlbarnett75462@yahoo.com
Years RN: 14
Years Consultant: 1
LVN 20 years.  Mostly Nursing Homes.  As RN Telemetry, Cardiac Care Unit, Step-down, Relief ICU, House Supervisor, Charge Nurse on units.
Cardiac Care, Geriatric Care, General Medical Care.
Other Pertinent Information:

Donna du Bois, MPH, RN, C
Company: Maxi Gerontology
Title: Director
10401 N. Lamar  D 105
Austin, TX 78753
Office Phone: 866.832.2103
Alternative Phone: 512.567.2103
Email: dduboidrn@austin.rr.com
Years RN: 27
Years Consultant: 4
I am a certified geriatric nurse with experience as an expert witness and consultant, plaintiff and defense cases.  I worked 10 years as a state surveyor/investigator in LTC investigating hundreds of long term care facilities and am a former nursing home DON. and nursing home consultant.
Nursing Home and Assistive Living standards of care and regulations; Standards of care for elderly population.
Other Pertinent Information:
My reports are understandable by juries and attorneys.  Should a report require rewriting because it doesn't meet the attorney's standard, the work is free.

S. Elizabeth Braun, BSN, RN, LNC-C
Company: Elizabeth Braun, Legal Nurse Consultant
Title: BSN, RN, LNC-C (1998-2008)
301 Gentilly Place
Houston, TX 77024
Office Phone: 713.502.2940
Alternative Phone: 713.468.7511
Email: seblnc@aol.com
Years RN: 34
Years Consultant: 27
Paralegal/Legal Nurse Consultant for large firms in Texas with diverse practices from 1985-2008.  Practice mainly included medical malpractice, product liability, worker's compensation, toxic torts, pharmaceutical mass torts, premises liability, and personal injury matters. Have also had independent practice since 1991.
Primarily toxic torts as a LNC, especially benzene and asbestos litigation.  As a clinical nurse, specialized in pediatrics and practiced 6 years in psych nursing, as well 10 years in med-surg.
Other Pertinent Information:
Served in USNR 1985-2001.
Public school nurse 8 years.  Completed some doctoral level courses.

Pamela Chambers, MSN, CRNA, EJD
Company: Lex Terrae Consulting
Title: Lead Consultant, Owner
Belton, TX
Office Phone: 254.291.5802
Email: lexterrae1230@gmail.com
Website: www.lexterraeconsulting.com
Years RN: 18
Years Consultant: 3
US Army Nurse Corp veteran, Major, ANC. Advanced Practice Nurse 12 years - Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Instructor Kaplan University Legal Nurse Consulting certificate program, since 2010. ACLS, BLS instructor over 10 years. Staff CRNA regional trauma center and university affiliated teaching hospital.
Anesthesia, peri-operative, surgical care.
Other Pertinent Information:
Graduate Concord Law School 2008, EJD Health Law; MSN Anesthesia Nursing.

Karen Fogelman, BSN, CRNO, CLNC
Company: Fogelman Legal Nurse Consulting
Title: Owner
6921 Norway Place
Dallas, TX 75230
Office Phone: 214.369.6499
Alternative Phone: 214.354.1070
Email: karenici@sbcglobal.net
Years RN: 37
Years Consultant: 4
37 years experience in ophthalmic nursing including hospital in-patient, management, retina, glaucoma, cornea, refractive and home care for ophthalmic patients.  Past-president of national ophthalmic nursing professional organization, ASORN, and founder of Dallas local chapter of ASORN.
Ophthalmology is my specialty having worked with retina, glaucoma, refractive, cornea, and general ophthalmic patients. I have management and clinical experience and have been employed in ophthalmology for 37 years.

Marysol M. Fritz, RN, BSN, LNC
Company: Fritz Medical Review
2605 White Oak Court
Arlington, TX 76012
Office Phone: 817.821.1075
Email: mfritzrnbsn@aol.com
Years RN: 6+
Years Consultant: 1+
Administration, Emergency/Trauma, Gynecology, Intensive Care, Medical Surgical, Post-Partum, Quality Assurance/Assessment, Utilization Review/Discharge.
Medical Malpractice, Plaintiff, Medical Malpractice, Plaintiff/Defense, Personal Injury, Plaintiff, Personal Injury, Plaintiff/Defense, Product Liability, Plaintiff, Product Liability, Plaintiff/Defense, Post-Partum.

Kimberley Kelly, RN, BSN, LNC
Company: Compliance Review Services, Inc.
Title: CEO
11201 Steeple Park Drive
Houston, TX 77065
Office Phone: 832.237.2525
Alternative Phone: 713.776.3566
Email: kkelly@compliancereviewservices.com

Website: www.compliancereviewservices.com
Years RN: 20
Years Consultant: 6
Hospital medical-surgical; Home health field ns and management; Long Term care 5 years as DON and Supervisor; CNA in college; Enforcement Monitor for Home Health/Hospice State of Texas.
Hospital; Home Health; Long-term care; Medical-Surgical; Personal Injury.

Priscilla Layton, BSN, RN, CEN, LNC
Company: Layton and Associates
P. O. Box 967
Hallettsville, TX 77964
Office Phone: 361-649-4372
Website: www.legalconsultingnursetx.com
Email: laytonandassoc@aol.com
Years RN: 20
Years Consultant: 9
RN for over 20 years with a specialty certification in Emergency Nursing.  Nursing experience in Long-term care, Home Health, Acute Care - ER, ICU, Medical-Surgical Nursing in large, rural and military facilities.
Developed a Specialty Certification for Long-Term Care Nurses that was awarded 24.5 CEU's by the Texas Nurses' Association.
Other Pertinent Information:
I consult on numerous plaintiff and defense cases including Medical and Nursing Malpractice with a special focus on long-term care, Personal Injury, Criminal defense, and Insurance defense.  My services include the review, analysis and summary of medical records as well as assistance with preparation for deposition, mediation and/or trial.

Mary E. Mather
Company: MLN Consultant
Title: Clinical Nurse Leader/Consultant
895 County Road 480
Castroville, Texas 78009
Office Phone: 210-288-6959
Email: mary.matherrn@gmail.com
Website: www.mlnconsultant.com
Years RN: 14
Years Consultant: 2
10 years working with the elderly in long term setting as care coordinator and long term rehabilitation, 2 yrs critical care in dialysis, 2 yrs managing care for the elderly in a chronic care clinic
Evaluate processes and programs for gaps and deficiencies, identify care needs and determine goals of programs.
Other Pertinent Information:
Published articles, lecture to provide educational opportunities and mentor nurses.

Charity Muzorewa, RN, LNC
Company: Global Medical Legal Nurse Consultants
Title: Senior Consultant
7222 Bellerive Drive, Suite 2002
Houston, TX 77036
Office Phone: 832.265.3780
Email: rufaro_m@hotmail.com
Years RN: 16
Years Consultant: 5
RN with a Masters in Health Administration and Diploma in LNC. Have both clinical and administrative experience.  Have experience in diverse areas of healthcare including hospitals, home health, and long-term care/nursing homes.
Critical Care, Medical-Surgical, Cardiac and Cardiovascular Nursing.
Other Pertinent Information:
Experts in Case Screening - Analysis - Chronologies.  Known as team player and possess excellent communication skills.

Marsha Niven, RN, LNC
Company: 3M Medical Legal Consulting
2916 Dumas Court
Flower Mound, TX 75022
Office Phone: 817.854.0197
Email: 3mlnc@live.com
Years RN: 18
Years Consultant: 4
For the last 8 years I have been working as a Physician Assistant in Emergency, Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine settings.  Before going to PA school I worked as an RN for 18 years in Emergency and Critical Care settings as well as in-house Clinical Instructor.
Emergency Care, Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine from the perspective of a PA-C. Emergency and Critical Care from the nursing perspective.
Other Pertinent Information:
I am uniquely qualified to provide insight from both a nursing and medical perspective having been trained in both the nursing and medical models.

Erin K. OMalley, RN, LNC
Company: EKO Consulting
Title: President
2907 Ashwood St
Houston, TX 77025
Office Phone: 866-696-6794
Alternative Phone: 713-203-7844
Email: ern@ekoconsulting.org
Website: www.ekoconsulting.org
Years RN: 18
Years Consultant: 8
Worked as a legal nurse consultant for 8 years. I have a clinical background in ER, ICU, Wound Care, Nursing Admin. I hold a masters in Health Care Administration as well as a MBA.
Wound Care; Emergency Room; Intensive Care; IV infusion; Nursing Practice and Standards of care.

Joan Raper, RN, BSN, CPC, CPMA
Company: MFR Solutions
Title: Manager, Healthcare Advisory Services
Houston, Texas
Office Phone: 713-300-3325
Email: jayemar@comcast.net
Years RN: 25
Years Consultant: 15
5 years medical record review for Product Liability and Workplace Accident cases.
10 years medical record review for compliance, fraud, waste, and abuse.
Clinical background in surgery, gynecology, and infertility.
Certified professional coder.
Certified professional medical auditor.

Judia Sarich, RN, BSN, CLNC
Company: RN Network Reviews, Inc.
Title: President
1534 Shady Grove Circle
Rockwall, TX 75032
Business Phone: 866 806.5666
Alternative Phone: 214 763.5832
Website: www.RNNetworkReview.com
Email: jsarich@RNNetworkReview.com
Years RN: 14
Years Consultant: 2
Thirty years in Healthcare Industry (10 years lab technician; 6 years doctor's office manager; 14 years RN), provides substantial experience in both clinical practice and administration to save our clients time and money.  We serve plaintiff or defense attorneys, corporations and insurance companies in any medical related case.
Case Screening - Analysis - Chronologies - Deposition Summaries - Requests for Production - Attend IME's - Produce Interrogatories - Litigation Support - Testifying Expert Location - ID Missing Documents - ID Evidence Tampering.  CaseSoft Certified.
Other Pertinent Information:
Clinical experience - Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal ICU.  Management of Neonatal ICU's, Newborn Nurseries, Labor and Delivery Units.  Director of Women/Children Services.  Occupational Heal Nurse Administrator/Dallas District USPS.

Lori & Mark Smith, RN, LNC
Company: L & M Medical Legal Consulting
Title: Owner/Consultants
6023 Lattimer
Houston, Texas 77035
Business Phone: 888.831.9325
Alternative Phone: 713.726.9325
Website: www.LandMLegalConsulting.com
Email: LandMLegalConsultants@aol.com
Years RN: 26
Years Consultant: 2
We have extensive experience in dialysis, pediatrics, orthopedics, and nursing education.
We are certified in legal nurse consulting, life care planning, and nephrology nursing.  Mark has a master's degree in nursing, specializing in nursing education.

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