Road Island Legal Nurse Consultants


Cheryl Kaufman, RN, BSN, CLNC, CLCP
Company: CK Medical-Legal Services
Providence, RI
Office Phone: 508.633.1911
Fax: 508.821.9235
Years RN: 25
Years Consultant: 7
Medical record reviews, chronologies, explain and clarify laboratory and diagnostic imaging reports, attend depositions, trials, IME's, demonstrative evidence, prepare questions for interrogatories and requests for production.  Expert witness searches for plaintiff and defense.  I am certified as a life care planner for client's with catastrophic injury.
Medical, surgical, endocrine, oncology, hematology, biotechnology, brain & spine, newborn, pedi, OB/GYN, recovery room, orthopedics, organ & stem cell transplant.

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