Louisiana Legal Nurse Consultants


Elisabeth Adair, BSRN, RLNC
Company: Adair & Associates, LNC
Title: Owner
2024 Spring Ridge Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Office Phone: 225.571.2882
Alternative Phone: 225.273.7070
Website: www.adairlnc.com
Email: adairlnc@cox.net
Years RN: 25+
Years Consultant: 5+
LSU Legal Nurse Consultant Program, New Orleans, LA; Providing assistance to attorneys in cases involving issues re: to injury, health or illness; Providing RN Services re: Risk Management/ Review, Insurance, Management of Care; Providing direct nursing care for patients in/out Hospitals, Clinics, Surgical Centers, Day Care Centers, and Nursing Homes.
Legal Nursing, Mental Health, ICU, Medical/Surgical, Home Health Care, Case Management.
Other Pertinent Information:
Provides medical record review/case analysis for merit.  Develops chronologies and correlates events to allegations. Client interviews, IME support.
Assists discovery, fact witness, and more.

Beverley Castillo, BSN, RN-BC, LNC
Company: Castillo Legal Nurse Consulting
Title: Owner
7500 Jonlee Drive
New Orleans, LA. 70128
Office Phone: 504-243-6201
Alternative Phone: FAX: 504-245-2411
Website: www.bcastillolnc.com
Email: bcastillolnc@bellsouth.net
Years RN: 40
Years Consultant: 8
LSU Legal Nurse Consulting Program, New Orleans, LA. I have 40 years of varied nursing experiences. Currently employed in the NICU (total 18 years). I have certification in Medical-Surgical nursing and as a CPR Instructor.
My specialties include Neonatal ICU, Pediatrics, Medical-Surgical nursing and Wound care nursing.
Other Pertinent Information:
Evaluate, organize, analyze and render informed decisions on the delivery of healthcare and the outcomes; act as a liaison for attorneys, physicians and other clients; assist in obtaining medical records; review and analyze documents; and many other related services.

Dana A. Dayton RN LNC
Company: Dana A. Dayton Legal Nurse Consulting
Title: Owner
8910 Hwy 165
Pollock, LA 71467
Office Phone: 318.765.2159
Email: danadayton08@gmail.com
Years RN: 23
Years Consultant: 3
23 yrs. practice focus in psychiatric/geriatric.  Available to analyze cases, able to organize, review and summarize medical records and determine strength/weakness of case.  Can customize case for client, attorney and jury.
I work mainly with cases involving psychiatric or geriatric cases. Work well with attorney's offices.
Other Pertinent Information:
Currently working with residents at long-term care facility.  Spent years working in psychiatric care centers.  Have experience working with veterans.

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