Kansas Legal Nurse Consultants


Jennifer Gallaway, RN, LNC
Company: Gallaway and Associates Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC
P.O. Box 941
Andover, KS 67002
Office Phone: 316.841.3447
Website: www.gallawaylegalnurse.com
Email: jlgallaway@yahoo.com
Years RN: 8.5
Years Consultant: 2.5
Including chart reviews and opinion reports, case summaries, expert witness, instructing attorneys in CEU courses.
Hospital operating room, outpatient surgery/day surgery.

Diana M. Miller, RN, LNC
Company: Diana Miller Legal Nurse Consultant
11933 Goodman
Overton Park, Kansas 66213
Office Phone: 913.491.3174
Fax: 913.491.3174
Email: dmiller79@kc.rr.com
Years RN: 30+
Years Consultant: 2
30+ years experience as a Registered Nurse.
Medical/Surgical, ICU, ER, OR and Information Services.

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